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Drosera scorpoides. Shaggy Pygmy sundew, - 2 Heads
Drosera scorpoides. Shaggy Pygmy sundew, - 2 Heads

Drosera scorpoides. Shaggy Pygmy sundew, - 2 Heads

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Introducing the Shaggy Pygmy sundew, also known as Drosera scorpoides! This carnivorous plant is a stunning addition to any collection, with its distinctive long, shaggy tentacles that trap and digest insects.

Unlike its cousin Drosera pulchella, the scorpoides has longer, more narrow leaves and a more sprawling growth habit.
But when compared with Drosera roseana, the Drosera scorpoides has a more compact and bushy growth habit.


To ensure the proper care of your Shaggy Pygmy sundew, it's important to provide it with plenty of sunlight, ideally 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day.

This plant also requires a consistently moist soil, so it's best to use distilled water or rainwater to avoid mineral build-up.

Additionally, feeding your sundew with small insects such as fruit flies or gnats will help supplement its diet, but make sure not to overfeed as this can lead to rotting.

Lastly, providing a humid environment by misting the plant regularly or placing it on a tray of water filled with pebbles can help mimic its natural habitat.


With the proper care and attention, your Drosera scorpoides will thrive and continue to fascinate with its unique appearance and carnivorous nature. Get yours today and enjoy the wonder of this captivating plant!

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