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Drosera venusta - Blond Elegant sundew. Medium Plant.

Drosera venusta - Blond Elegant sundew. Medium Plant.

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Introducing the Blond Elegant Sundew (Drosera venusta), one of the largest sundew species that will make a stunning addition to any carnivorous plant collection. This variety lack red coloration and are a very eye-catching plant. Unlike venus fly traps, the Elegant Sundew does not go into dormancy in winter, making it a low-maintenance and beautiful choice for any plant enthusiast.


To care for your Elegant Sundew, provide it with plenty of bright, indirect light and keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Distilled water or rainwater is best to use for watering as tap water can contain too many minerals.


This striking plant can also be used in a terrarium setup, where it will thrive in the high humidity environment.

To create the perfect terrarium for your Elegant Sundew, you will need a clear glass container, well-draining carnivorous plant soil mix, sphagnum moss, and a small water tray to maintain the humidity levels.


Bring some elegance to your plant collection with the stunning and unique Elegant Sundew!

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