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Nepenthes 'gladulosa x boschiana' Pitcher - Medium plant.

Nepenthes 'gladulosa x boschiana' Pitcher - Medium plant.

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Introducing the Nepenthes 'gladulosa x boschiana', a unique and captivating carnivorous pitcher plant that is perfect for any terrarium setup. This hybrid plant features stunning pitchers, which are modified leaves that form into small cups that entice and trap insects. The 'gladulosa x boschiana' requires high humidity levels and bright, indirect sunlight to thrive, making it an ideal addition to a terrarium environment. With proper care and maintenance, this Nepenthes hybrid can reach impressive sizes and produce an abundance of captivating pitchers. Add a touch of intrigue and natural beauty to your home with the Nepenthes 'gladulosa x boschiana', the perfect choice for any carnivorous plant enthusiast.

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