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Tillandsia gardneri is native to Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, eastern Brazil (as far south as Rio Grande do Sul) and Venezuela. They grows as an epiphyte on trees and other plants in tropical dry areas from near water level to 1600 meters above water level .

It is an epiphytic perennial, medium-sized species, which reaching 26-30 cm in diameter and 17-20 cm long , with alittle , only 12-25 cm high and wide rosette form from 10-27 cm long, triangular to filiform acuminate, without distinction between sheath and blade, 15-20 mm wide, silvery grey or grey-blue, flexible, lepidote soft and velvety leaves.

This air plants blooms from late spring to late summer with 3 to 12, rosy-red to pale lavender-pink with 3 sepals and three petals, funnel-shaped flowers with spreading terminal lobes and green-pink floral bracts.

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