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Tillandsia Espinosae is native to Peru and Ecuador, where it grows as an epiphyte at elevations of 200 to 900m. This plant has an open rosette structure, formed by many silver, rigid leaves. The pointed leaves give it nearly a 'spikey' look. The plant will put out offsets via long, thick stolons, eventually forming large, impressive clumps. The plant will develop a bright red, erect inflorescence spike with 4 to 8 purple petaled, tubular flowers. This inflorescence spike is similar to that of T. Dura and T. Caulescens. 

Position: They should receive bright, indirect sunlight. Indoors, an east or west facing window area is ideal. Outdoors under partially shaded conditions is fine but in the colder states protection from frost is required, so an undercover or indoors area is more appropriate.

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