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Dionaea muscipula "Big Dracula" (Venus Flytrap) - Medium Plant

Dionaea muscipula "Big Dracula" (Venus Flytrap) - Medium Plant

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Dionaea muscipula "Big Dracula" is a captivating cultivar of the iconic Venus flytrap, known for its imposing size and distinctive characteristics. This particular variant stands out with larger-than-average traps, each sporting serrated edges reminiscent of fangs, lending it the intriguing moniker "Big Dracula." The leaves of "Big Dracula" exhibit an intense red coloration, further adding to its mystique and making it a visually striking addition to any carnivorous plant collection.


Growing up to several inches in diameter, the traps of "Big Dracula" are notably robust, capable of capturing a diverse range of prey with impressive efficiency. As with all Venus flytraps, this cultivar employs a unique mechanism to entrap insects, relying on trigger-sensitive hairs that prompt the rapid closure of its toothed lobes upon contact.


Ideal for enthusiasts seeking a visually striking and larger-than-life carnivorous plant experience, Dionaea muscipula "Big Dracula" combines the allure of nature's predators with an aesthetic appeal that is sure to captivate plant lovers and curious observers alike. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or incorporated into a carnivorous plant collection, "Big Dracula" promises to be a standout specimen, showcasing the intriguing and predatory beauty of the Venus flytrap in a distinctive way.

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