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Description: Tillandsia aeranthos is an epiphytic species. It forms a dense cushion about 30 cm tall with scaly, silver-green leaves. The flowers are dark blue and emerge from rosy pink bracts. It is one of the most attractive and brightly blooming species. Comes in many forms and hybrids
Rosettes: Caulescent (growing along a stem) has an average dimension of 11-13 centimeters in diameter and height
Leaves: Small, grey-green, about 7,5-9 (or more) cm long, spreading to erect, densely polystichous (leaves emanating in all directions from the stem), and covered with appressed (wings of trichomes laying flat, parallel to epidermis), cinereous (ash-colored) trichomes.
Flowers: Blue with 3 petals whose tip is edged, containing six stamens flowers. The ovary is superior, tricarpellate and trilocular. The pistil is white and slightly visible. Floral bracts are bright red.
Booming season: This is one of the mainstay species and while it is relatively common, it blooms like clockwork every Spring and it produces a vibrantly colourful inflorescence. A flower blooms for approximately a week. As each flower in a flower spike blooms with interval of a day, the spike becomes full bloom and showy in a week after starting. Hummingbirds love this plant!

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